These photo shots and Sound clips are the last ones that I took at the Trio Fantasy Camp.
Without a doubt the very best one that I had ever had the pleasure and honor of attending.

All the Campers and the various Guests attending were in rare form and all performed the best that I had ever heard
since the inception of the Trio Fantasy Camp. I was wonderful to reunite with friends and to also make new ones during that
fun-filled sunny and dry weekend in August of 2007, quite a change from last year's rain soaked event.

It was great to see Nick, Bob & John perform together again after such a long time passing. They sure made me laugh to the point of tears streaming from my eyes.

I know that the rest of you reading this as well as myself cannot express the sadness that we all feel at the passing of John Stewart.
A part of John will be missing in all of us, but the memories that we all share in photos and in the musical legacy that he has left us all will always remain for all time, not only for us but for those in the future years to come who will discover The Musical Treasures that he left for us all.

The following photos and the sound clips are the way I saw Trio Fantasy Camp 2007, I only wish I had taken more photos instead of being so enthralled with preserving personal mental memories. Here's to you all my friends.
Other pictures of the Camper gatherings and other folk Tributes to Travis Edmonson along with a lot of familiar faces are posted on the following link on recent new tranfers to Here is the link for all of you to enjoy what was "Once upon a Time"
Oscar R. Cisneros

"The Lonesome Picker"
John Stewart