Travis Edmonson Tribute
November 24, 2005
“Bud and Travis were the best. No one of their ilk could even touch them. When they got on stage and did their thing, there was nothing like it. Wonderful.”
--Erik Darling, The Weavers
Many Thanks go to Bill McCune who produced this tribute to be broadcast on PBS-TV.
The date is TBA.
Rosemarie Heidrick &
Travis Edmonson
Dan "Igor" Glenn, Gayland Taylor, Bill Zorn, Dolan Ellis, Frank Sanchez & Oscar Cisneros
Ron Iverson & Ted Newman
Travis Edmonson, "Igor" Glenn, Ellen Edmonson, Larry Hill
Francisco "Frank" Sanchez
Travis Edmonson & Ian Macpherson
Travis Edmonson, "Igor Glenn
And Frank Ross